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Courses in Pharmacy, And Engineering Colleges

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Courses in Pharmacy, And Engineering Colleges

Post by admp6666 » Wed Jun 27, 2018 7:05 am

Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm / B.Pharma)
It is a 4-year undergraduate course with the same entry requirements as D.Pharm. Pharmacy graduates can have several career opportunities in both government and private sectors B Pharm Colleges in Bangalore admission,B Pharm Colleges in Karnataka,B Pharm Colleges in Bangalore.

Doctor in Pharmacy (Pharm.D)
Pharm.D is among the latest pharmacy programs, introduced in 2008 by the Indian Government and the PCI.It is a 6-year professional doctoral program in pharmacy,which also includes 1 year of internship or residency Pharm D Colleges in Bangalore admission,M Pharm Colleges in Bangalore admission.

Master of Business Administration
The goal of our MBA Programme is to empower the students with knowledge and skills through all round development of body, mind and soul. The entire infrastructure at the campus is designed to help students achieve this across a hectic two year education plan.In 2 Years Package students are enhancing not only theoretical knowledge, but also gaining practical exposure through various certification programsMBA Programme is affiliated to Bangalore University mba colleges direct admission in bangalore,top MBA Colleges in Karnataka 2018.

Engineering Colleges in Bangalore
dr ambedkar institute of technology Admission
Atria Institute of Technology admission
Brindavan College of Engineering Admission
KNS Institute of Technology Admission
Nagarjuna College of Engineering Admission
RNS Institute of Technology direct admission

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Re: Courses in Pharmacy, And Engineering Colleges

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Re: Courses in Pharmacy, And Engineering Colleges

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