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vbulletin MGC Chatbox Evo mod

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vbulletin MGC Chatbox Evo mod

Post by mottyboy » Mon Jan 19, 2015 10:40 pm

This mod is automatically compatible with vB3.6.x, vB3.7.x, vB3.8.x and vB4.x.x


MGC Chatbox Evo is the most ever installed chatbox for vBulletin !

It offers a new enhanced online experience to your members leading to increased time spent online of more than 25% by providing them with a new, more interactive, way to interact with each other.

Important number of features
High level of configurability to fit each users needs
Channels system
Many commands
Bot system
and more...

... makes MGC Chatbox Evo a must have for your forum !

Detailed features

Following is a non-exhaustive list:

Simple install
Ajax based with:
Fast and Intelligent chats retrieval through javascript calls to server files (refresh delay configurable per usergroup)
Edit/update by double-clicking on a chat
Interact on chats through menus and javascript
Many usergroup permissions to limit features according to usergroups
Full configuration of the chatbox display:
Size, position on forum pages, editor layout (either top/bottom input or left/right textarea) and position, number of chats displayed, ...
Full configuration of the chats display:
Authorized bbcodes selection, date/time options, avatar display, ...
Possibility to create channels (unlimited number) with multiple configuration options:
Warn user of new message when not active through blinking image and eventually sound notification
Possibility to select on which specific page each is displayed
Option to display the channel only for selected languages
Usergroup/User permissions to access the channel
Many commands available with usergroup/user permissions to access them:
/me: well known IRC command
/del: remove shouts (different possibilities of removal)
/ignore: ignore shouts from another user
/ban: ban user from chatbox
/pm: send a private chat to another user
/announcement: modify the announcement on top of the chatbox
/slap: allow user to slap another user
/team: chats sending between specified usergroups
/l33t: I33t-ify a message
/banchan: ban user from specific channel [PRO only]
Forum activity notifications system in the chatbox:
Different display options:
In the chatbox melted with chats
In the chatbox in a separate column
In the vB4 sidebar or a custom sidebar for vB3
Multiple notifications:
New thread creation
New post creation
Post thanked (Abe's)
New registrations (not included - separate product)
IBProarcade highscore (not included - separate product)
Bot system with set of predefined trigger chat and corresponding answers and automatic bot chats [PRO only]
Archive system with statistics as well as download and search capabilities
Possibility to display the list of users online in the chatbox
Force anynomous to enter a username before chatting if they can access the chatbox
Antiflood system
Private chats feature through PM in tabs
Optional sound notifications
Inactive mode feature for server load optimization
User statistics display in posts and profile
Chatbox statistics display on forumhome
Create thread from a chat [PRO only]
CMS Integration (not included - separate product)
vBAdvanced CMPS
vBulletin 4 CMS
Importers from other chatbox systems:
cChatbox by Christrato [version 1.5]
Cyb - Chatbox by Cybernetec [version 2.3]
vBulletin 3.x Shoutbox 1.0 (AJAX) by DionDev [version 1.0]
Dream's Chatbox by Dream [version 2.1.1]
GSBOS by dinnerbone [version 1.0.5]
Inferno vBShout Lite 2.5.0 by Inferno Tech [version 2.5.1 lite]
vBShouts 2.0 by Zero Tolerance [version 2.0]
MGC Chatbox by MGC [version 1.5]


Refer to the readme for the chatbox install.


Live demo on MGC Products forum


German [Not yet updated]
Serbian [Not yet updated]


On my website mostly and in this thread


Integration in IBProarcade is described in the readme.
vBAdvanced CMPS and vBulletin 4 CMS integration are available as additional modules.


This hack is compatible with vB3.6.x, vB3.7.x, vB3.8.x and vB4.x.x

link https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B73Idt ... sp=sharing
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