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8 Digits ABS Gas Meter Counter factory

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8 Digits ABS Gas Meter Counter factory

Post by ttaa0931 » Wed Jul 18, 2018 2:48 am

Company Profile
Yueqing Lihong Electric Co., ltd was built on 2003. Specialized in producing the energy meter counter, gas meter counter, meter casing, pcb, shunt and breaker. We have professional working team and we have advanced technology. We can research the products independently. Besides the variety of products, we also accept customized. We have been authenticated by ISO9001 quality control system and letters patent.
The excellent quality, good service and competitive price ensure us to win the customers' trust. We have exported to Brazil, Russia, Turkey, India, Peru and so on.
Our logos: Honest management, keep faith, to design and produce the product needed by the customers and to supply the customers satisfying service.
The objective of our company:" seeking for greater perfection, striving for survival on the basis of quality, striving for development on the basis of variety, holding the market on the basis of good quality."8 Digits ABS Gas Meter Counter factory

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Re: 8 Digits ABS Gas Meter Counter factory

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Re: 8 Digits ABS Gas Meter Counter factory

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