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Knuckle Boom Crane for sale

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Knuckle Boom Crane for sale

Post by ttaa0931 » Wed Jul 18, 2018 2:47 am

1.Name: mini truck mounted crane, knuckle boom truck crane , pickup truck crane, folding boom crane
2.Max Lifting Capacity: 1.5 ton
3.Max Lifting Moment: 2 t.m
4.Max Oil Flow of Hydraulic System: 15 L/min
5.Max. Lifting height:5 meters
6.Brand: XCMG
7.Crane Weight: 540 kg
8.Oil Tank Capacity: 25 L
9.Feature: Safety transportion, driven by hydraulic, move fast, The raise and down are driven by wire rope.
10.Application: used in Commercial, transportation, oil, balance check, telecommunications, electricity, municipal services and other occasions.
Knuckle boom crane, help you loading goods on your truck. The crane will fold to compact size after working and will not affect the space of the carriage. The arms are driven by hydraulic, move fast, more effective. The arms can easy to reach narrow spaces like inside the workshop. More accessories like fork, grab bucket, can be attached for different goods loading.
Truck Loader Crane is a type of machine can carry heavy weights and transport them. The truck with crane mounted can load and unload the freight itself and don't need to employ another crane. The loader crane can freely route in 360 degrees, raise and extend, make the loading simple and economic. Compare to the mobile crane, truck loader cranes are more convenient and effective.
XCMG is the first company to develop newer design loader crane in China, shared more than 50% of the Chinese crane market for many recent years by the help of advanced design, good quality, attentive service and competitive price.
Together we define your needs and make the crane to match your request in every detail. The lifting capacity of our loader cranes spans from 1 to 25 ton and outreach over 26 meters.
Knuckle boom cranes can be configured to do just about any job imaginable, from delivering products to cleaning up debris after the job is done.
It can be applied on most common Commercial Truck-mounted Cranes. Range covers light to medium crane. With small mounting size and weight to save your payload, minimizing loading and unloading time, is the best choice of truck mounted crane facilities.
Optional parts:
1.Remote control equipment
2.Moment limited valve
3.High seat on column
4.Assisatant stabilizer leg
Competitive Advantage:
1, Advanced development & analysis means make sure design is very reliable
2, Higher lifting capacity with tour Connected bar mechanism
3, Flange telescopic boom coupling technology
4, Self-designed & developed slewing machine with greater drive force can meet varied requirements of working situation
5, The more symmetrical center design of hexagon boom make it has bigger anti-bending capacity
6, Float three-point bridge structure design can lower the accessional stress on the chassis frame when traveling
Deliver, shipping and service:
Deliver: According to different products, normally in 30 working days.
Shipping: There are different types of ships according to different machines, and the shipping time will vary depending on the length of the distance;
Service: Warranty terms - one year. The engineer service need to pay the cost which happened in /out of China.
1. How about the delivery time?
Within 10 working days after we receive the payment.
2. What kind of payments do you support?
T/T in advance, L/C, Western Union, other kinds, pls contact with us.
3. What is the MOQ?
Generally speaking, the MOQ is 1 set, Different products have different MOQ, pls contact with us.Knuckle Boom Crane for sale
website:http://www.ccmiecn.com/truck-mounted-cr ... oom-crane/

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Re: Knuckle Boom Crane for sale

Post by small business » Tue Jul 24, 2018 5:36 pm

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Re: Knuckle Boom Crane for sale

Post by vanica » Fri Nov 30, 2018 7:26 pm

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