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Oppo BDP-103/105/103D/105D Networked Universal Blu-ray Players

Physical media such as Blu-ray and Dvd CD face serious challenges . streamers ect...
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Oppo BDP-103/105/103D/105D Networked Universal Blu-ray Players

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Understanding the Differences Between the BDP-103 and BDP-105

The OPPO BDP-103 and BDP-105 share the same primary components (including the mainboard, laser, and loader) for superb audio and video playback, and while the BDP-103 and BDP-105 are identical in performance when it comes to audio and video over HDMI, the BDP-105 offers a number of enhancements:
The BDP-105 features improved sound quality from its analog audio outputs with its implementation of dual 32-bit ESS Technology digital-to-analog converters, a toroidal power supply, and two sets of dedicated stereo analog outputs (balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA) for 2-channel enthusiasts. Customers who do a great deal of critical music listening using a very high end, analog connected system will benefit most from these additions.
The BDP-105 features a headphone amplifier for use with high-quality headphones.
The BDP-105 features three additional digital audio inputs: optical, coaxial, and a 2-channel asynchronous USB DAC input.
Furthermore, the BDP-105 is graced with additional aesthetic and ergonomic enhancements that include a larger 4.8 inch tall chassis, sculpted aluminum front panel, touch sensitive front-panel playback controls, availability of an optional rack mount kit, and availability in Black or Silver.

Is the BDP-103D Right for Me?

The main difference between the BDP-103 and BDP-103D is the BDP-103D's incorporation of the Darbee Visual Presence processor. The BDP-103 is a reference quality Blu-ray Disc player and has won numerous awards. The BDP-103D is based on the BDP-103 and shares most of the same features.
Basically, the Darbee processor is a video enhancer that provides greater clarity and increases the perception of depth by embedding stereoscopic depth cues within the video, resulting in a more dynamic, lifelike experience.

The Darbee's processing level is adjustable, which allows you to customize it to your particular taste. Unlike many other image enhancers or sharpeners, the Darbee processor does not alter the image in a global fashion, so it is able to reduce the amount of image artifacts that are created, and it does not adversely affect calibrated settings such as contrast, gamma, and color.

The original BDP-103 is known for its accuracy in reproducing video from all kinds of discs. The BDP-103D takes one step beyond reference quality accuracy. When the Darbee Visual Presence enhancement is turned off, it is a reference quality player just like the BDP-103. When the Darbee Visual Presence enhancement is turned on, the user has the option to fine tune the video to his/her own liking. In summary, if you are looking for a quality player that accurately reproduces video, the BDP-103 is the right choice; if you are looking for a more customized experience beyond standard picture adjustments, the BDP-103D provides additional possibilities to fine tune your viewing experience.

(above statement is also applicable to the differences between a BDP-105 and a BDP-105D, except that the BDP-105D also has a new USB DAC interface that supports DSD64/2.8 Mhz and DSD128/5.6 Mhz from a another source such as a computer. The DSD playback from ]connected media (example USB storage, SMB) can only play DSD 64/2.8 Mhz.

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Re: Oppo BDP-103/105/103D/105D Networked Universal Blu-ray Players

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