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Jasmine's father took Devin's hand and looked at him hopefully

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Jasmine's father took Devin's hand and looked at him hopefully

Post by baidai66 » Mon Nov 05, 2018 3:37 am

"Good night, Jasmine!"

��Well, good night! "After putting down the phone, Jasmine went to sleep peacefully.

On the other side of the phone, Tenglei's heart was filled with happiness. Every night, making a phone call with Jasmine is the happiest and most desirable thing for him. This gentle and pure girl has been deeply rooted in his heart.

One day two years ago, Jasmine received a phone call from the hospital. Her parents were in a car accident and were being rescued.She was almost fainted.Devin, an intern at work, held her up. He got on his motorcycle and rushed her to the hospital.Jasmine's mother has passed away and her father is dying. As he was dying, Jasmine's father took Devin's hand and looked at him hopefully, "Please... Please say "good night" to Jasmine every night.

Seeing Devin nodding, custom necklaces Jasmine's father closed his eyes.From then on, every night, no matter how late, no matter how busy, Devin will call Jasmine. personalized necklace Chat, tell a story, tell a joke, read a novel, and finally remember the greeting: "Good night, Jasmine!"

One day, on the mall, Jasmine took Devin for a walk."Do you know why my father asked you?" Jasmine asked.Jasmine said: "From my memory, my father is away all the year round, my mother takes care of me, no matter where my father is, no matter how late, every night he will call me: Good night, Jasmine! If I can't hear this one night, I can't sleep soundly, and I'll be upset." Jasmine said with tears in her eyes: "But you don't have to do that anymore. Now I'm grown up."

"No, this is the agreement of love. I must obey it." Devin looked at Jasmine, full of tender feelings.Jasmine avoided his eyes, and she understood the mind of the good boy. In the past two years, their hearts have been getting closer. However, he was 4 years younger than her, and the gap between her age gave her some withdrawal.

In the summer, a heavy rain hit the town, traffic jams, sudden water and power outages, mobile phones also lost signal.At night, Jasmine curled up in bed, unable to sleep and feel lonely and scared. The ringing of the phone didn't ring, which made her heart panic.

"Forget it, there's no signal tonight." She name necklace thought with disappointment."Thump"... There was a rush of knock outside. She opened the door and, by the light of the candle, costume jewelry saw Devin standing in the doorway, wet through, with a long stick in her hand.

"The phone can't get through, I'm afraid you https://www.lovmer.com can't sleep!" His warm eyes, pure smile, simple language, which made Jasmine choked a little: "It's so dark, how did you come?""By this, it is my guide." Devin raised wooden sticks in his hands. It turned out that the cell phone signal was gone, Devin was afraid Jasmine could not sleep at night, so he found a long stick, groped slowly, and moved step by step to Jasmine's house.

No longer hesitant, Jasmine rushed into Devin's arms. The boy who keeps the promise is worth waiting for her whole life.

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Re: Jasmine's father took Devin's hand and looked at him hopefully

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