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Flower Shape Silicone Non-slip Coaster manufacturers

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Flower Shape Silicone Non-slip Coaster manufacturers

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Our History
We established in year of 2012, we have many years experience for exporting.
Our Factory
We was located in Suidong industry zone,Yangjiang city of Guangdong province in China, we are covering an area of 3000 square meters,is a professional manufacturer developing with advance equipment and strong technique capabilities to producing.
Our Product
We are specialized in produce kitchen products, such as the silicone ware, plastci ware, kitchen gadgets.
Product Application
Living, outdoors,kitchen,babies
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
vulcanizing machine
Production Market
Mainly market is USA and EuropeFlower Shape Silicone Non-slip Coaster manufacturers

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Re: Flower Shape Silicone Non-slip Coaster manufacturers

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