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buy nomex tape

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buy nomex tape

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mechanical properties:The compacted NOMEX products are very strong, resilient, thinner, flexible, and all products resistant to tearing and abrasion.
thermal stability:When the temperature of the NOMEX product reaches 200 degrees C (300 degrees F), the electrical and mechanical properties of the products are very little or even no influence, and the effective value can be maintained at high temperature. In addition, the performance of NOMEX products, such as continuous exposure at 200 degrees C (430 degrees F), can be maintained for at least ten years.
Insensitive to moisture:When the relative humidity of 95% NOMEX is not in balance, the dielectric strength of the insulating paper and the synthetic woven platen is ninety percent when the dielectric strength is absolutely dry. Therefore, many mechanical properties can actually be enhanced. In 95% humidity environment, NOMEX paper and pressing board can maintain 90% bonding and electrical insulation properties, and some attributes will be improved.buy nomex tape

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