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Bonnell Spring Mattress suppliers

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Bonnell Spring Mattress suppliers

Post by haoli233 » Thu Aug 09, 2018 5:48 am

Model: AE-M5204A
Bonnell Spring With Foam Pillow Top Mattress
Polyester FabricQuilting
Convoluted Foam
Non-Woven Fabric
High Density Faom
Cotton Padding*2
Bonnell Spring System
(4 Side 2 Rows With Pocket Spring)
Cotton Padding
Polyfiber Padding
Anti-skid Fabric
* Bonnell spring mattress
* Key fillings: high density foam
* Quilted finish with soft-touch polyester fabric
* Comfort Grade – Medium
Key Points:
High quality polyester fabric, easy to clean, gives us a healthy and restful sleep.
Double sewing quilted pillow top and high density foam, to ensure better comfort and durability.
Classical bonnell spring system - 2 times high temperature treatment, much durable. With the pocket spring in four sides 2 rows, make the mattress' edge more strong and not easy to sink.
Full materials inside, make the mattress more plush and comfortable, good appearance and excellent sleeping feeling.
Loading Information:
ModelSize(cm)Loading Ability
(1*40HQ)-pcsLoading Ability
(1*20GP)-pcsPacking Ways
(Height:26cm)92*188780310Flat vaccum compressed+pvc bag+wooden pallet, 30-35pcs/pallet
*Any sizes are available to make.
*OEM and ODM mattress are welcome.
Welcome to buy the economic vacuum package sigle size with pillow top traditional spring mattress for hotel bedroom furniture from our factory. We're one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers of various mattress and bedroom furniture, offering you unmatched prices and the customized services. Don't hesitate any more.Bonnell Spring Mattress suppliers
website:http://www.angeldream.net/mattress/bonn ... -mattress/

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Re: Bonnell Spring Mattress suppliers

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