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crusaders quest

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crusaders quest

Post by pizzaguy » Sun Feb 22, 2015 10:43 pm

hey guys! having difficult time playing crusaders quest? Want to know a best way to level up and a better way to get an honor for promoting your heroes? Here are some tips especially for the beginners. If you have your own, share it here Thanks

Another way to get an Honor to promote your heroes aside from having friends is you can try doing some “side quests”, you can check them on the right side of your screen. If you're lucky, you can have at least 50 honors as a reward, because sometimes the rewards for doing “side quest” are gold or bread. Along with this, your heroes can be stronger before you face tough challenges on the main quest. You can also get on your mailbox, so you must check your mailbox every day to see what you’ve got for that day. Honors are so difficult to have, so you must be patient.

Survive long and tough battles, aside from having high level characters, always have at least 1 Priest on your party to survive tough and long battles, Priest is the healer on this game so always keeps them on your party. It’s hard to survive without them.

Training - your characters can become stronger from gaining experience through battles, another way to make your characters to become strong is by training, but you can only train your characters after they promoted. Training requires gold and bread.

Weapons – Equip a weapon on your characters to make them stronger, weapons can be upgraded here through Conversion, conversion requires gold, and every time you convert weapon, the gold required for it to convert increased. Additional Critical Damage or Faster Casting of spells are some additional effects when you convert your weapon.

Don’t forget to use the power of the Goddess like Sera, her power is to create a shield for the entire party to minimize the damage you received. (100% for the 1st sec. and 50% for next sec.) How to use her power? If her SP reached a certain point in the gauge, you can use her power, you can tap the screen to activate it, by using every single skill block, the SP in her gauge increased.

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Re: crusaders quest

Post by sinbado » Sun Feb 22, 2015 10:43 pm

Thanks for this tips.... your tips for this game, the Crusader's Quest really helps me a lot. When I started to play this game on my mobile phone, I was looking for some info and tips about this game. This game is really amazing. Currently, Im in Level Two of the game and I have one priest, one wizard and archer. Finally, I got ONE! Thanks!

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