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China High Temperature Cable Ties suppliers

Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2018 2:48 am
by ttaa0931
Our History
• In 1989, Changhong Plastics Co., Ltd was founded.
• In 2010, Anhui Imperial Plastics Co., Ltd was established in Anhui province as production base.
• In 2011, phase 1 of Imperial started operating.
• In 2012, Anhui Imperial Plastics Co., Ltd was changed into the name of Changhong Plastics Group Imperial Plastics Co., Ltd.
• In 2013, Company launched share-holding system reform.
• In 2014, Changhong Plastics Group Imperial Plastics Co., Ltd was listed in the “New Three Board".
Our Factory
company: Changhong Plastics Group Imperial Plastics Co., Ltd.
Production Base: 4999 Express Way, Xinwu Economic development Zone, Wuhu, Anhui.
Date of Establishment: Aug 2010. Registration Fund: RMB 242544211.00
Floor Space: 130000m2 Building area: 130000m2 Employees: 1100 (Sep,30,2015)
Our Product
Self-locking nylon zip ties and other kind of nylon zip ties, stainless steel cable ties, cable clips, terminal blocks, insulated terminals, wire joints, tie mounts, spiral wrapping bands, wiring ducts, cable glands, macromolecule alloy cable tray,polymer sheet pile,macromolecule alloy sink,Non-metal watt-hour metering cabinet.
Product Application
Electrical accessories, automobile parts, DIY etc
Our Certificate
Production Market
Annual sale in 2016:$61milliion ,Domestic sales 30% ,Export sales 70%.Europe 37.5%,Russia 14.9%,Asia 29.4%,North America 8.2% ,South America 6.9%
Our service
Any enquiry, our sales will reply in within 24 hours .For the after service, once samples received, we will ask our QC to test and give us the comments.China High Temperature Cable Ties suppliers

Re: China High Temperature Cable Ties suppliers

Posted: Tue Jul 24, 2018 5:36 pm
by small business
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