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Windows 10 10586.3 and slow login problem

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Windows 10 10586.3 and slow login problem

Post by topprop » Wed Nov 25, 2015 3:55 pm

Hello everyone. First post on this site, although I've actually been hovering around here for quite some time now..great site btw, useful and full with neat tips and tricks...so keep up the good work!
Ok, now that I'm done with the pleasantries i'll get straight to the point :
A few days ago I successfully upgraded my W10 10240 RTM PRO build to the new 10586.3 one, everything went fine. Unfortunately though I'm now faced with a problem I didn't have before: the login process is kinda slow. The OS is running on an SSD drive so it boots fine and quick, but then it hangs for 10-15 seconds (maybe more) on the welcome screen with my name, my avatar and the spinning circle. After browsing the web for some answers I tried everything I could find on the subject, including but not limited to:
1. switching from an online account (@outlook.com) with a PIN login to a local account with no PIN nor PWD;
2. disabling all non essential services from startup;
3. disabling ipv6 from my network card properties;
4. etc

none of these did the trick. I would also like to add that my background is a series of jpeg images, so no solid-color wallpaper which I read caused some login troubles on windows 7.
Is there anything else at all that might be the cause of this? I didn't have this problem before, login was blazing fast (desktop would show a couple seconds later after entering my PIN number).
Any help is much appreciated. Thanks

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Re: Windows 10 10586.3 and slow login problem

Post by mrbooma » Wed Nov 25, 2015 3:55 pm

I found that Defender was the issue with my wife's laptop. Ended up replacing it with the McAfee version that ATT offers for U-Verse customers and the problems were gone. Also it depends on what else you have going on when you start up.

Have you set Defragger to Optimize the hard drive on a monthly basis, along with did a Disk Cleanup and went through the Dism Fix that is in the Tutorials?

Also shut down the Lock screen that comes up first and just go straight to the log-in screen. That helps to speed things up.

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