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Samsung Galaxy S6

Posted: Tue Apr 14, 2015 11:25 am
by noodniko
I am a business owner and need to be on my phone a LOT. I blow through at least 2 OEM batteries each day on my S5 (and I charge when I can). I need the best of the best that is offered because my family's livelihood depends on it. The S5 used to be that but I already need a faster phone, which is what got me to looking at the S6. The SD card expansion was pretty big to me but I can work around the way I sync my device. I can't work around a dead battery. Maybe I'm missing something. Maybe wireless charging means that my phone will automatically charge with no human interaction even though I am talking on it while texting and surfing the web (and, of course, moving about all the while). Oh! That's NOT how wireless charging works? Well, congratulations on making a phone that teenagers will love. I could go on and on with my disappointment in their stupidity, but I have to find another smartphone manufacturer.