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Bioenzyme Series Products suppliers

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Bioenzyme Series Products suppliers

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Other compound enzymes
name Wheat grain EP150Corn and soybean meal dietEP120
β -mannanase2000IU2200IU
β -glucanase3500IU
additive amount100-150 g / T200 g / T
Product storage and precautions
1. This product should be stored in a ventilation, cool and dry place, to avoid high temperature and damp environment, and not to be mixed with toxic and harmful substances.
2. This product is insolate and drenched and avoids dampness.
3. Open bag is used, after each use to tie the packaging bag.
4. The shelf life is 12 months。
Product specification: 25Kg/ bag
Product storage: solid products are stored in dry, shady places.Bioenzyme Series Products suppliers
website:http://www.goldenchuanchemical.com/bioe ... -products/

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